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8 Tips on How to Manage Screen Time for Our Kids

8 Tips on How to Manage Screen Time for Our Kids

A guide to Helping your children with active play and less screen time

As a parent, you need to act smart and discover how to reduce excessive screen time by participating with your little ones in tech-free activities that are creative and fun. We understand that technology is a quick and easy option to entertain your children, but it can also be quite addictive if not used in moderation.

With elementary and readily available items at our online shop Integrity Toy Sales, your kids can have the potential to create something unique that is worth admiring. There are many other activities that you can use to engage your kids, such as reading books, trying obstacle courses for kids, or playing some board game at home. In this article, I will share screen-free games and activities that inspire more learning, interaction and imagination without using technology.

8 Tips on How to Manage Screen Time for Our Kids

  1. Please set up a painting and colouring activity for your kids with their favourite paint colours and let their imagination grow free. An excellent way to introduce activities such as these to your babies and toddlers is by mixing paint colours in a zip-lock bag and allowing them to explore textures and colour transformation.
  2. Encourage your kids to craft a masterpiece by setting up some play dough, paper rolls, tissue paper, glue, pom-pom, chalk and so on and see what they can build. If your kids are at the primary level, you can also provide them with paintbrushes and watercolours to uncover their inner Picasso.
  3. Another fun indoor/outdoor activity for our kids is challenging them to create an obstacle course from the resources available at your Integrity Toy Sales shop. Let their imaginative play take over and witness their inner builder come out.
  4. In addition to traditional sports like soccer and basketball, please provide them with kiddie pools or bubbles to play with. Whatever approach you take, kids love the opportunity to explore and have fun.
  5. What are your thoughts about some puzzles? Aren’t they both educational and fun? They teach your children some problem-solving and analytical skills. Including wooden puzzles for toddlers and complex puzzles for kids, they are life savers when looking for tech-free ways to entertain your child. They are challenging enough to keep your kid busy on their own, giving you some quiet time.
  6. Do you remember the time you spent in your childhood playing board games like chess and checkers? Well, you can always have your young family play these too, as board games are ideal for cozy indoor time and suitable for mental stimulation. Board games allow your children to learn strategy while enjoying a fun, screen-free activity.
  7. Did you know Reading a book is the ultimate choice to enhance your kids’ imagination and encourage them to create the images inside their minds? Books are ideal for all children if you’re looking for an activity to stimulate curiosity and support brain development. Babies and toddlers often enjoy books with rhyme, rhythm or repetition. Older children can learn new vocabulary and absorb an endless amount of information. It is also one of the screen-free activities that also enables quiet time for parents.
  8. What’s great about science experiments is you can utilize basic materials around the house to conduct a wide range of experiments. It is the perfect activity for your kids to learn how different materials react. Also these learning tools help teach how to perform safe and simple projects to show their friends and other family members.

Kids naturally have a pool of energy that can sometimes seem endless. Encouraging them to get active through kids’ indoor or outdoor activities will provide the stimulation they need to release all that energy. Device-free activities for kids can also be a great learning experience. Introduce games and opportunities for your child to develop and tap into their brain power. Overall, artistic activities are timeless and perfect tech-free ways to entertain kids and elicit innovation and self-expression for a wide range of ages.

We all understand technology plays a vital role in our lives. If used correctly, it can provide parents and children access to helpful information and entertainment. Practising balance and ensuring our kids are not consumed by their technological devices is always important. Not only will reducing screen time increase development for your family, but encouraging them to enjoy screen-free activities will bring new and exciting fun into their lives, and ours too.