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Integrity Toy Sales

Integrity Toy Sales

About Us

Integrity Toy Sales is leading the toy reseller market in Australia, & further abroad. Your trusted partner in providing the highest quality toys for children aged 0-7. As a leading toy reseller, we are proud to offer award-winning brands to families within Australia, America and New Zealand.

Our Passion

Our passion extends beyond toys. We are deeply committed to fostering a better community, creating happy memories for kids, mums, and families. This passion drives every aspect of our work—from the careful selection of each toy to our charitable contributions. We believe in the power of community and are dedicated to supporting it through our actions and products.

Integrity Toy Sales
Integrity Toy Sales

Our Philosophy

At Integrity Toy Sales, we believe in bringing joy to local families through a diverse selection of quality toys. Our goal is to support and enhance the growth and happiness of young children by offering products that are safe, educational, and fun.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to delivering a service that is fast, professional, and reliable. We understand the importance of prompt and dependable service, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every interaction.

Integrity Toy Sales
Integrity Toy Sales
Integrity Toy Sales

Our Promise to You

At Integrity Toy Sales, we promise:

  • A secure 256 bit website, ensuring a confident shopping experience.
  • Professional and courteous staff who are here to assist you.
  • Competitive prices that offer great value.
  • High-quality products that meet our stringent standards.
  • Complete satisfaction with your purchase.

We are here to ensure that every interaction you have with us is positive and that your children receive toys that will bring joy, learning, and development. Thank you for choosing Integrity Toy Sales. We look forward to serving you and your family.

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Steve Cooper

Selling quality toys to local families allowing our 0-7 yo's to enjoy less screen time ensuring peace for our mums and dads.


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